3 Small Business Marketing Tips for 2019, Now & Into The Future

by | Jan 13, 2019 | Blog

Small businesses in the US provide thousands of jobs annually and are the cornerstones of most local communities. They not only provide crucial products or services but also help improve the living standards of their respective communities.

As part of my work, I have had the privilege of working on digital marketing campaigns for several small businesses. It’s incredibly fulfilling to interact with small business owners, helping them increase their online footprint and actively growing their customer base.

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One thing I’ve noted is that thanks to the holidays, the end of the year brings big opportunities for local businesses if they can manage to position themselves to take full advantage of these chances. Even the smallest business can leverage the power of the internet to work for them. After all, they do have news, events, promotions, etc., that their customers would love to know about. Additionally, even those small businesses that believe all their customers know about them would benefit from drawing in new ones from travelers and visitors who come to their towns.

3 Effective Tips for Small Business Growth in 2019

Local businesses needn’t wait for the holidays to make a big impact on their bottom line. With the right business marketing strategies, you can keep expanding your customer base, keep increasing your year-on-year profits and have a positive impact on your community as well.

Here are 3 tips which I believe will help you maximize your resources for growth in the coming year:

  • Delve into the Buy Local movement.

The Buy Local movement has gained steam in the country, encouraging people to buy from and support their local businesses. Instead of seeing yourself as a sole merchant, view yourself as part of your local business community and find ways to make that work for you. People are starting to trust local businesses more than giants like Amazon or Google so you have leverage there.

  • Provide solutions to local problems.

In the coming year, put your customers and their problems as one of your priorities and ensure your brand becomes synonymous with solving those problems. Part of your business strategy should be to get your brand noticed and accessible to as many customers as possible. Improving your digital marketing strategy can help you achieve this and so much more.

  • Learn all you can about local search marketing on the web.

Put the internet to work for you, your business and community in the coming year. Learn the basics of local search marketing and apply them to improve your online presence. Focus on getting good reviews, being accessible, providing relevant, updated and useful information and solving your customer’s problems.

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