The dream is to find that side hustle and project that gives you energy rather then drains you. The passion project that calls to you and can put a wide smile on your face even on days when the 9-5 was nothing out of the ordinary. Ashley found that passion and joy in the custom cakes space with remarkable ways to push her creations into new realms.

Goal:  Develop A Professional Online Presence Beyond Social Media

As a self proclaimed Self-Taught Baker Ashley makes some of the most sinful Buttercream icing Custom Cakes & Cupcakes. Mmmm. Having requests from all kinds of parties and arrangements she has found that this side hustle can fuel her after work and help make some extra cash for fun with the family.

“A party or event needs a delicious cake to complete the celebration. Get the perfect cake or cupcake for celebrating from AshKakes.”

See what makes AshKakes custom cakes so great.

Skills Used Within Marketing Term Engagement

Market Data Analysis & Research
Social Media Consulting
Web Design & Development
Conversion Rate Optimization
Business Consulting

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