Attending 2019 Silicon Slopes – Gathering Wisdom & Insights From Industry Leaders

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Blog

I was very glad to have the opportunity to attend this years Silicon Slopes Tech Summit in Salt Lake City.

The conference is a globally recognized two-day summit organized and hosted by the Silicon Slopes organization and wonderful tech community. With some of the most prominent and leading minds in the tech industry attending and speaking, Silicon Slopes Tech Summit was a great community with more than 20,000 attendees this year.


I thoroughly enjoyed prominent keynotes, premium breakout sessions, entertainment, parties, incredible networking opportunities, and an exclusive screening of a film from the Sundance Film Festival. The amount of talent and experience that’s on display makes this a unique event for the tech industry.

Following my experiences in Thailand I connected so much to the breakout presentation by Cotopaxi CEO Davis Smith. His connections to the world and adventures to bring more to those in need was heartwarming! It is so hard to explain to others the feelings that serving those in need does to your personal life and growth. I love their mission and hope to support their company more in the future.

As a huge fan of documentaries I thoroughly enjoyed a special showing of the 2019 documentary Sundance Film premiere “The Great Hack” directed by Karim Amer & Jehane Noujaim.

The Great Hack uncovers the dark world of data exploitation through the compelling personal journeys of players on different sides of the explosive Cambridge Analytica/Facebook data breach that rocked the world.

I recommend anyone take the time to attend this coming year as the event will only get better and better.

Check out “The Strike” at the 2019 SlopesFest!

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