macklemoreAs a student at Dixie State University I tried to get involved as I could with extracurricular activities. While in student government I learned a ton and began building a passion and skill set for marketing early on.

The Goal Of #TheDixieLife

In student government we worked together as a team to help promote school activities and events throughout the University. One aspect of that was to create a unique brand and identity that students could connect with to help promote the activities and events.

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A group of student government officers and I came up with the concept of an branding campaign focused around the theme called “The Dixie Life”. We promoted The Dixie Life as a lifestyle that any student is able to become a part of. The Dixie Life became a roaring success for the students at Dixie State University. I couldn’t done it without the incredible team of student government officers that year and others that really understood the vision. The Dixie Life campaign was great, I only wish that I could’ve taken part in it more and helped push it forward longer.

The Results Of The Project

The Dixie Life results were great, as we grew the brand socially around the area we noticed very quickly the students adopted and embraced the brand fully.

Skills Used On This Project

  • Traditional Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mass Communication

The Lesson Learned

I learned that creating something unique is a great experience, finding a way to get your customers to fully engage and embrace something from the beginning makes a uphill battle easy. I feel that when working with the team and students on The Dixie Life project I built valuable skills and a deep understanding of how to customer can interact with a personable brand.

Feel free to contact me if you any questions and if you feel that this kind of a project is something that your brand, organization or company needs. I would love to give you some advice, tips and tricks to make an impact with your customers.

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