Working with brand-new businesses is quite enjoyable, the team at Christian Brothers Roofing were prepared to invest in good marketing practices from the very beginning.

Goal:  Build & Improve Organic Traffic For Georgia Based Roofing Contractor

With a partner of mine working heavily on the WordPress website rebuild and paid advertising side Christian Brothers Roofing was able to fill their sales funnel and begin working with those that needed support right from the beginning. The new website laid the groundwork for a SEO strategy for long term success.


The team understood the importance of the long-term SEO focus for organic traffic to their website that had a strong age online and simply needed a facelift and speed adjustment with the power of WordPress backing it. I was brought on to help them build upon their local credibility and SEO value of their website long-term with a content and local SEO strategy.

I’m excited to continue work with the team at Christian Brothers Roofing and look forward to the marketing growth we are going to find moving forward. Please feel free to reach out to them or me regarding any questions about the industry.

Skills Used Within Their Marketing Engagement

Market Data Analysis & Research
Conversion Rate Optimization
Reporting & Analytics

Results Obtained Within Their Marketing Engagement

The local construction industry is filled with great companies that need to tune up and focus on their SEO practices and Christian Brothers Roofing understood the benefits of a long-term focus on a local targeted approach to content that their readers need in order to trust them as the local expert.

We have found great growth and recognition in the industry locally and look forward to a steady and strong growth of organic traffic from the Georgia area and abroad.

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