I’m excited to announce that I have stepped onto a phenomenal team that are extremely passionate about the services and products they deliver their customers. Dixie 4 Wheel Drive offers the most unique and amazing upgrades for off-road and 4X4 vehicles across the nation. Central to St. George, Utah they are in a Mecca of some of the most premier off roading environments in the west coast.


Goal:  Increase Marketing Efforts & Online Presence

Working with them increase digital marketing efforts and web presence and traffic online I am able to offer them digital marketing consulting and full task execution. Having prior work with their teams in college we have a great relationship and understand the customers drive to drive and buy some of the Top-of-the-line jeeps, trucks and side-by-side upgrades and vehicle modifications allowing customers to build a vehicle that can get them anywhere there heart desires.

I’m excited to continue work with Dixie Four Wheel Drive and look forward to the marketing challenges I’m going to face moving forward.

Please feel free to reach out to them or me regarding any questions about the industry and what we can do to get you in a custom built Jeep of your own.

Skills Used Within Marketing Case Study

Market Data Analysis & Research
Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization
Business Listing Management
Customer Review Gathering
Social Media Marketing
Video Creation
Graphic Design
Web Development

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