Having worked in the DOCUTAH film Festival as a volunteer student I had the chance to experience unique marketing tactics to assist large international organizations.DOCUTAH is run by incredibly passionate people from southern Utah. Their doctrine was to make sure their messages reach their audience correctly. I also learned a lot about the interaction with large organizations that work with different cultures and other non-profit organizations and they way they actually reach their goals.

DOCUTAH International Documentary Film FestivalThe Goal

The goal of my involvement was to improve the online audience interaction by the use of a website and various social media channels that were used to provide marketing online ticket sales information. This way, access to the film festival was offered while creating a strong brand name.


Over the years of my involvement I was able to offer my assistance in branding their organization and improve it in terms of the services and the information that is listed on their website while hardly working to increase sales during the event.

Skills Used

My defined position with DOCUTAH was a Webmaster. My skill-set was mainly used in the web design area with minor emphasis in graphic design search engine optimization. I offered branding and online ticket sales through Social Media Marketing and I was happy to have had actively assisted the marketing committee overall.

Lessons Learned

During my time at Doctors I learned that in order to create a huge impact and drive real change in the world people have to work together in large teams with a passion and love in what they do. The team and DOCUTAH were passionate about the documentary film Festival business and it has been a great experience to have worked with them to make the film Festival known to the online community.

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