Working with a very niched new businesses is quite enjoyable when you can see rock star results right off the bat. The princesses at Ever After Events are passionate about bringing magic to the homes and events they are welcomed to. SEO for a niche company like this is wonderful to see!

Goal:  Build & Improve Paid & Organic Traffic For Ever After Events, Princess Parties

The life partner of the company founder is Braden Tobler, the Massif.Co founder and an obvious proponent of long-term SEO for organic traffic paired with paid targeted ads. We are excited to continue work with the the magical team at Ever After Events and look forward to the marketing growth we are going to find moving forward. Please feel free to reach out to them regarding a magical party of your own.

Skills Used Within Their Marketing Engagement

Market Data Analysis & Research
Website Development
Paid Social
Conversion Rate Optimization
Reporting & Analytics

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