Great Time Teaming Up For Founders Weekend 2016

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Blog

When I’m not outdoors, I love to spend my time getting involved in ways that I can push my marketing skills and learn more about business development. This past weekend I got the chance to join awesome team of student entrepreneurs and competed in Founders Weekend put on by Outlier here in St. George.


Our team was competing in the start up pitch with a company concept around a student housing property management software. We were excited to pitch and get feedback from investors and other entrepreneurs on the concept.

Over the entire weekend we had meetings, interviews and panels with entrepreneurs brainstorming concepts and founding startup ideas. We had a great presentations by successful businesses and entrepreneurs from all over the United States on various aspects of business and the grit needed when founding your own company.


We did make it to the finalist round to make a second pitch, but unfortunately did not make it into the top three for prize money and startup funding. Great time learning from entrepreneurs and those who have tested their stamina against the market. Events like this I one of the best ways to get involved and really push your skill set to the next level as well as meeting others who are passionate about business.


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