I’m happy to introduce you to Robert, one of the more remarkable people this world has given us. He has some of the most incredible stories about his travels and full life of adventure as a documentarian, poet and artist. You can see his personal story on his personal site here. Our project is not on his person life but the incredible home “Lazalu” he has opened up to the world through the great services of Airbnb and VRBO. His home as been a retreat for artists over the last twenty years and is now welcoming guests to its secluded retreat in the backcountry of Zion National Park. He has connections with many guide services, wedding planners, restaurants and more to give his guest the most remarkable experiences they can imagine.

Reserve Lazalu, Zion National Parks Premier Remote Resort06 - The Zion Adobe Suite at Lazalu

Goal:  Develop A Online Presence With A SEO Focus

Working with Robert to create a brand new website that is focused on being prepared for more digital marketing efforts and a long term web presence I was interested in offering him a four month digital marketing refresh engagement package.

Reserve Lazalu, Zion National Parks Premier Remote Resort22The Zion Guest House at Lazalu

Following our project Robert will have a new website that is prepared to be competitive over time around the competitive markeT around Zion National Park as a remarkable vacation lodging option and retreat for those that would like to experience Zion National Park away from the massive crowds.

See what makes Lazalu so remarkable as a secluded retreat or destination wedding location. Lazalu has so much to offer its guests.

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