Brent at Linville Financial is money savvy and prepared to invest in good marketing practices from the very beginning.

Goal:  Build & Improve Organic Traffic For Nevada Based Linville Financial

With a partner of mine working heavily on the paid advertising side Linville Financial will be able to find the best customers that plan to improve their financial situation and plan long term for their retirement.

Brent understood the importance of the long-term SEO focus for organic traffic to his website (some day paid ads will be less of his focus because of this investment). I was brought on to help them build the credibility and SEO value of their website long-term.

I’m excited to continue work with the Brent and partners and look forward to the marketing growth we are going to find moving forward. Please feel free to reach out to them or me regarding any questions about marketing in this industry.

Skills Used Within The Marketing Execution Engagement

Market Data Analysis & Research
Paid Social
Conversion Rate Optimization
Reporting & Analytics

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