Macklemore and Ryan Lewis At Dixie State University

While at student government at Dixie State University I got the chance to assist in marketing the concert at the campus with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. It was a lifetime once-in-a-lifetime experience and one of the greatest shows I had ever seen. I learned a quick lesson about marketing and allowing for your audience and your customers to assist you in ways that you can almost never do as well by yourself.

The Goal

The goal is simple drive as many people to purchase tickets and attend the event as possible our whole goal of student government was to provide a great experience for college students and this incredible’s concert did that at a whole other level that had never been done in southern Utah before.


We drove over 4500 ticket sales for the concert well before our expected time. Driving us to bump up the ticket limit twice and have to re-contract with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. We got extremely lucky booking Macklemore and Ryan Lewis early enough that our tickets nearly sold themselves but as a team we had to learn how to control an event and put on something larger than Dixie State is ever done.

The biggest lesson from this was the impact a student had when they have assisted in creating the Facebook social event and marketing it themselves without our assistance the event blew up socially and drove traffic and sales up exponentially. Allowing the customer to assist you in marketing and drive sales with their passion about your product or service is one of the greatest ways to sell and make an impact on your customers.

We sold over 4500 tickets to a sold out show of students in the pouring rain and my muddy grass a big she’s at University for a roaring success college-age students traveled from northern Utah and Nevada.


Skills Used

I assisted in marketing the event in many ways although most of my efforts were in on my marketing through social media web design and ticketing systems driving sales through targeted marketing and print marketing. Creating and documenting the event through photography and videography. Large billboard traditional advertising for the campaigns and the events event production advertising online event management promotions email marketing network marketing

Lessons Learned

Over this project I learned that it is often times better to step back and allow for your customers to tell you how to market to them and to help you in anyway they can if you have their support you have so much more power to do what is needed to assist your customers listening to them you will have so much more room for success timing and trends have massive impact on your success and following the industry and markets demands will bring you so much success in trading a good product the concert was something that the industry wanted and we were to be able to deliver that to them making our lives much easier when it came down to marketing the event.

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