During this wild time with economic stress alongside health concerns,  there are groups out there doing their best to help support those on the front lines. The health workers are fighting for their lives and for many of our loved ones.

The drastic need for PPE and face masks across the nation and world is skyrocketing in demand. Often times hospitals and health workers don’t know the best way to support their local clinics or help them gain access to the right equipment.

Solution – A simple online store for health workers and their supporting staff. Report shortages and order goods for your local health providers. Donate today.

I was simply admiring a friends strong efforts and drive to offer support during this time and worked with Josh, the sites founder, to help structure the home page message for a clearer understanding of their mission and goals.

Goal:  Improve The Sites Message & Structure

The mission of Mask Shortage Solution is simple, get masks or PPE’s to local clinics in need. Make it easy for individuals to report shortages in their home towns and small areas while connecting them to providers that can begin shipping goods as soon as possible.

Please feel free get on and order for your local health workers and clinics or reach out regarding any questions.

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