I’m was very happy to begin work with a amazing company and friend that shared similar passions and hobbies. The team at Moab Cliffs & Canyons is filled with professional adventure guides that are extremely passionate about the services and trips they have taken their their customers on. Moab Cliffs & Canyons offers the most thrilling and unique adventure tours in the mecca of adventure, Moab Utah. They are known for their refined professional tour guide services and skills since 1999 and the amazing experiences they provide adventurous vacationers.

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Goal:  Increase Online Presence In A Competitive Market

Moab has seen a massive growth over the last few years as more and more people are going outdoors and pursuing the adventurous opportunities that Utah can offer. Moab Cliffs & Canyons has gone incredible work over the years and are known as one of the most recognized and long standing guide services in Moab, but they needed to have a bit more of a site refresh in order to become more competitive in the Moab search traffic.

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I am very excited to see the results in the future working to improve their SEO background and increase digital marketing efforts. After some discussion and analysis I was able to agree that they should begin our relationship with a plan as a digital marketing refresh engagement package.

I’m excited to continue work with the team at Moab Cliffs & Canyons and look forward to the marketing challenges I’m going to face moving forward.

Please feel free to reach out to them or me regarding any questions about the industry and what we can do to get you in a harness and out on the walls or in canyons of the Moab area with their professional tour guides.

Skills Used Within Their Marketing Refresh Engagement

Market Data Analysis & Research
Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization
Web Development

Results Obtained Within Their Marketing Refresh Engagement Of 3 Months

In Local Moab Search Results:

  • Cliffs & Canyons Showed Up For 59 Industry Conversion Focused Keywords That Increased Their Position In Google Search Results
  • Cliffs & Canyons Showed Up For 91 New Industry Conversion Focused Keywords That Had Previously Never Existed In Google Search Results

In Nationwide Search Results:

  • Cliffs & Canyons Showed Up For 37 Industry Conversion Focused Keywords That Increased Their Position In Google Search Results
  • Cliffs & Canyons Showed Up For 70 New Industry Conversion Focused Keywords That Had Previously Never Existed In Google Search Results

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