My View After 2 Years Of Post Grad Marketing Experience

by | Sep 23, 2016 | Blog

Upon graduating college I had to choose between two roads. I could continue with my entrepreneurial experience doing freelance projects under my own personal business (while keeping a part time marketing job at Dixie State University), or take a job full-time at a agency doing the same kind of stuff with A cushy salary and bosses to tell me what to do.

With an entrepreneurial spirit part of me wanted to continue to do my own projects and learn that way. Thanks to the mentorship and guidance of others I saw the benefits of working for another individual with much more experience in the industry. I knew i could learn substantially more with access to more resources and the compounded experiences others have already had in marketing.

My View After 2 Years Of Post Grad Marketing ExperienceLooking Back At The Learning Process

Over the course of the last two years I learned things under the direction of my amazing bosses at Voxxy that I would not be able to take on by pushing the bounds in my own agency as it was. The concept of ‘intrepreneurship’ can being taken advantage of in many industries. I had the chance to do that at Voxxy due to aspects of it in a startup business model. The creative ability and innovation allowed me to question and push to learn new things. I got the chance to really test my marketing skills on multiple levels.

Looking back at all I’ve learned I am grateful that I chose the road to agency work at Voxxy, as I have learned so much more under the guidance and mentorship of incredible bosses then I could have by myself alone. The value of good mentorship is not noticed by many.

My Marketing Career Path Has Molded Me

With the vast amount of education available out there and resources to learn by yourself, you can dive into every skill sets known to man. People are inundated with ways to educate themselves, but many lack ways to really test themselves.

Over the course of two years I have been told by my multiple mentors that’s once I had a grasp of the concepts I should focus more on implementation than education. That is not to say I don’t spend countless of extra hours researching outside of the office (I do). It means you should not expect the education to teach you how the market will actually react to your actions, you must test and do the items needed to see how you can impact the market for the clients benefit.

Marketing Career Path

I have learned so much over the last two years and have built an amazing grasp of the market. I love testing how it interacts based on the businesses main objectives and needs. I have as told by a mentor that it may/would take between 2-5 years to fully understand quality keyword research and other details of the market practice. After two years I feel confident that I can talk-the-talk and give quality beneficial direction to any business looking to expand their marketing strategies.

A Vision Of Two More Years

Over the next two years I expect to see big changes in myself and in the business direction. I’m excited to see how my goals adapt and how things change within the industry. Wherever life takes me, whether it be in another direction or to assist Voxxy to the next level by being there to help expand their reach and client base, I know I enjoy the challenge to adapt and learn. Two years seems to have flown by after a some quick years in college. Long work hours spent doing what I love is much more enjoyable than many general education classes and an empty wallet, you feel me.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any comments or questions about my experiences and anyway that I can assist you in your business and marketing goals.

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