Being heavily involved in the outdoor industry in southern Utah I have developed friendships and connections with local guides, company owners and outdoor enthusiasts. Enter Todd Goss is one of the local rock climbing legends and developers in the area is the owner of Paragon Adventures, Southern Utah’s most prominent adventure tour guide company in the St. George area.

Todd’s website had seen some slow decreases in visibility over a long period. Having been around for a long time their visibility and credibility has been built up and strong for some time. When the decrease continued it began to become worrisome.

I was happy to dive into the details and look at some of the technical issues causing the website to be less visible in search results.

Goal:  Improve The Site Speed & Online Visibility

The first goals were to coach Todd and his team to make alterations and changes to the website that would allow for the site to be served faster. We had found that site speed was a most likely culprit for many of the organic visibility issues. Working with Todd’s team we were able to address many of the large file size and image issues that were causing the website to load far too slow on desktop and mobile versions. Moving from file size optimizations we were able to dive into content structure, internal linking, search engine optimization edits to title tags and meta-descriptions that could be improved, and other optimizations that could help Google and other search engines better understand Todd’s long-term credibility in the Industry.

Please feel free browse their website or reach out regarding any questions about an adventure for you and your friends and family.

Skills Used Within Marketing Consulting

Marketing Data Collection & Analysis
Website Hosting & Security
Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing
Search Engine Marketing

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