Rant: Find The Fans (Customers, Clients, Consultants) That Have Your Interests In Mind

by | Apr 3, 2019 | Blog

Today there is constant conversation about how you can market yourself as a individual in this world of self promotion.

“If you want fans, you have to be a fan first. If you want to be accepted by a community, you have to first be a good citizen of the community. If you want to be noticed, you have to notice. Shut up and listen. Be thoughtful. Be considerate. Don’t turn into human spam.”

I find it important to appreciate your original goals when you began. If you have set out and began getting involved in the community, was it to make yourself and the people in the community around you better off than before.

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Step back and understand that your true nature should be based  in this. In some way you are trying to help other individuals in some manner, and if that’s not at your core, move on. All parts of business are rooted in adding value to another party while earning the value you deserve.

Do not assume you will find success from the “hustle”.  There is no more room for self promotion without the core vision of an honest delivery of results and a focus on assisting all of the community. This is when honest self promotion happens without pressure. Your actions will speak loudly. When you can work with your heart and soul focused on the honest delivery of your services at the highest level paired with the value the market provides you.

  • Find the value you demand.
  • Work with partners that have your best interests.
  • The price point becomes relative to the delivery.

Find a person that has your best interest in mind (and isn’t delusional about their price point in the market) and pay them what they ask.

Reach out, I might be the person who can stand alongside you in business with your best intentions in mind.

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