I’m was very happy to begin work with the team at Red Mountain Technology Solutions. With my passion for marketing technical execution and their technical industry knowledge we are working to serve local professionals with refined technology services that can help take their business to a new level with a supportive local team for phone communications and other technology initiatives.

Goal:  Build & Improve The Sales Funnel Of Red Mountain Technology Solutions

The technology services space sees stiff national competition and offerings to get local businesses on their plans. At Red Mountain Technology Solutions we focus on the benefits of a local service ran by personal professionals that know that personal details of your business. With a local team the value of service is so much better for a business that is scared of the moment technology hinders their business.

RMTS Case Study Image

I am very excited to see the results in the future working to increase digital marketing efforts for their clients and Red Mountain Technology Solutions. After getting to know the team and the opportunities I began work with them within a digital marketing consulting & execution engagement package.

I’m excited to continue work with the team at Red Mountain Technology Solutions and look forward to the marketing challenges we are going to face moving forward. Please feel free to reach out to them or me regarding any questions about the industry or to begin work with Red Mountain Technology Solutions.

Skills Used Within Their Marketing Engagement

Market Data Analysis & Research
Paid Digital Marketing Services
Website Services
Creative Digital Marketing Services
Audience Digital Marketing Services
General Business Consulting Services
Marketing Data Collection & Analysis
Conversion Rate Optimization
Reporting & Analytics

Results Obtained Within Their Marketing Engagement

Red Mountain Technology Solutions will be seeing increased lead generation and online presence through the Website Optimization tasks paired with SEO efforts. The use of Social and online content will help them prove to their customer base that they are a local expert well versed in the technology they implement. With a strong foundation in place they found great results from paid advertising in the local market to business professionals and businesses. A long term sales funnel with coaching from me and my team will provide Red Mountain Technology Solutions with the skills needed to serve more customers at a high level of professionalism while remaining a local friendly service.

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