Reflections & Gratitude After A First Quarter Of Full Time Marketing Consultant Work

by | May 19, 2018 | Blog

After a very successful first quarter as a full time self-employed digital marketing consultant I stepped back to reflect a bit. Taking this career transition from a fast paced but consistent career path working for other companies and bosses, I was quite terrified to take the big step towards full time self-employment (call it the hustle if you want).

A History Of Testing The Waters Of Being a Business Owner

Over the years I’ve been involved in many local quote on quote startups and student business projects and concept to the pavement business experiments but I would hardly say that any of them were full fledged businesses. Over the last few months I have challenged myself and developing a structured work routine and relationships with my clients.


This transitional learning phase has been a great experience and far less challenging then expected as I look back. Having worked with clients at Voxxy in quite a bit of death prepared me for many of the conversations and concerns my clients have had along the path. Looking back I may have not had the roughest transition to the freelance/self-employed consultant career as many speak of. I’ll just be patient and wait for the challenges to come my way.

Clients With Passion Make All The Difference

I am very grateful of the clients that I was able to obtain early on, Dixie 4 Wheel Drive and Royal Legal Solutions has given me a lot of confidence and experiences that I needed to have. I believe this would have been a real challenge without their support and trust. I’m looking forward to taking this career step long-term and look forward to the many challenges I’m going to face. I’m looking forward to new clients and sadly preparing myself for the time when past clients need to step away. All that I hope for is that in the end they are very pleased and proud of the results that we created together.

Marketing has been a incredible career path for me and I am excited to see where takes me in the future. After a successful first quarter I feel I may be due for a pretty good challenge around the corner, we will see what is in store.

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