I was approached with the opportunity to work with a company in the medical space that wanted to utilize a common dropshipping platform to sell the goods they had access to. Although the project was not a good fit for the parties, it lead me down a exiting rabbit hole of research. Being a avid outdoorsman and fan of the niche sport of Canyoneering, I wanted to test this strategy in the space.

The goal behind ROCNER Canyoneering Gear is to provide the small group of avid canyoneers in the world an outlets to get functional gear. We are all here to have gear that simply does the job when we need it most so we can truly enjoy the sport. Founded by a experienced avid young canyoneer that understands the real needs required in a canyon and the threat we all face after that first rappel..

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Goal:  Increase Web & Social Presence For Traffic That Converts

The first goals were to develop a quality web & social presence and gain organic and paid traffic that converts online. I worked to build out and learn mountains of information about the ecommerce industry along the way by increasing niche traffic to the site and online shopping platform. The skills within digital marketing allowed me to efficiently learn the new platforms abilities and drive the right traffic that would convert.

Please feel free browse the store or reach out to me regarding any questions about the industry.

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Skills Used Within Marketing Execution

Market Data Analysis & Research
Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Search Engine Marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Graphic Design
Web Development

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