Being heavily involved in the business industry in southern Utah I have developed friendships and connections with locals, poloticians, company owners and love the spirit or business we have here.  The work I have done with the St. George Young Professionals and the local business community has been a blessing and I was very glad to help support the work of the St. George Chamber Of Commerce during the Coronovirus crisis in the St. George area.

I was happy to support the team at the Chamber with edits and consultations on how to best structure the sites information for small business owners.

Goal: Web Edits & Educational Press Work During The Crisis Period

The Chamber of Commerce had been working on building out and providing a large amount of information to the local community regarding the Coronavirus and its impact on local small businesses in the area. The resources they had compiles needed to be structured in a way that they could be easily found and navigated during this economic and health crisis. The team at the St. George Chamber of Commerce has been pleasure work with and being consistent on their goals and clear mission to help the local businesses as much as possible.

Please review some of these key pages for information about the resources available and how to support local businesses that are struggling. Please reach out regarding any questions.

Key Coronavirus Resource Pages

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