Our Team

Peak Performing Marketing

Braden Tobler

Braden Tobler

Owner / SEO

Team Lead, SEO Specialist with an all around background in digital marketing and technical market fit.


Taylor Timothy

Taylor Timothy

Paid Advertising / Video

Paid advertising specialist with a incredible eye for visual representation and video creative.



Quincy Newby

Quincy Newby

Web Hosting / IT Services

Computer service dedicated to making your life easier when it comes to computers.
Stephanie Murr

Stephanie Murr

Admin Assistant / Content Team Manager

Owner and Manager at Lush Digital Marketing. Specialized in creative activities and is the owner of not only Lush Digital Marketing, but also Bee You Mama Boutique.


Caroline Ikiugu

Caroline Ikiugu

Content Writer From Massif.Co's Start

Enthusiastic writer who delights in playing with words to educate, engage, entertain, inform and even inspire.

Abe Nyayapathi

Abe Nyayapathi

SEO Editor / Social Media Manager

Abe is passionate about digital marketing and has been in the industry since 2014. He currently specializes in SEO and owns an agency where he helps local businesses in his area with their Digital Marketing needs.


Crystal Hale

Content Manager / SEO Editor

Manages and executes the production and planning of our clients content strategy and production.

Corey Fox

SEO Editor

Manages and executes the editing and technical SEO plan of our clients content strategy.

Tanner Holt

Tanner Holt

Conversion Rate Optimizations

Helps clients gather more leads, and more all without increasing their ad budget through conversion rate optimization.

Mikey Hermann

Mikey Hermann

Visual Identity / Designer

Always sketching or trying to solve every problem in a ‘creative’ way. Utilizing creativity throughout his life.




What We See


Our vision is to be a leader in the search engine marketing industry by creating innovative strategies that foster sustainable growth and provide superior service for our clients and customers. Through research-driven search insights, cutting-edge technology, and strategic partnerships, we seek to make meaningful impacts in the communities we support by understanding the customers' needs and delivering reliable information tailored to their requests.

The Future

Our Mission

When clients partner with us, they not only empower our team to help their business reach new heights - but also allow us to make a positive impact on the communities they serve. We're honored by any opportunity that comes our way, but will always strive for excellence and ensure each of our partners receive an experience worth investing in.


Our Vision

MassifCo is a team of peak marketers, IT professionals and business visionaries that are self sufficient contractors while supporting of their corhort members in a variety of client projects and ongoing retainers.

Projects with partners can be transparent partnerships or white labeled based on the goals of the team and client needs.