The Google Guarantee Badge For Local Listings

by | Nov 14, 2020 | Blog

In one of last month’s articles, we looked at what the new Google upgraded GMB profile meant for local businesses. One of the perks of upgrading to the new GMB profile was getting a Google Guarantee Badge on your profile. But what does the badge mean and why should marketers pay attention to this feature?

What is the Google Guarantee Badge?

Over the last couple of months, you’ve no doubt spotted the green badge with a white checkmark when searching for local services.

This is the Google Guarantee Badge. It’s available for those who pay to upgrade their GMB profiles. As we mentioned previously, it will cost you $50 per month (or $600 a year) to upgrade. You get the badge as long as you pass Google’s screening and qualification process through Local Services Ads.

Simply put, this is a paid verification service that aims to create confidence among a business’ customers by adding the badge to that business’ local listing. One of the perks of this is that the business gets to stand out from other local listings. Additionally, as long as you’re backed by this Google Guarantee, Google will reimburse customers who are dissatisfied with your work or services, up to $2000 in the US and CAD 2000 in Canada.

This is meant to increase confidence in customers as the badge is seen as a symbol of trustworthiness.

How Do You Get the Badge?

Firstly, the business must be using the Google Local Services Ads and pay the upgrade fee. Then you have to pass a detailed Google verification process. If you’re eligible, you’ll receive an email from Google notifying you of your eligibility. You may also get a notification on your GMB dashboard.

Is the Google Guarantee Badge Important?

While it’s still early to see what impact this will have on your clients’ businesses, there’s speculation that it’ll lead to improved SEO. Since the badge leads to improved search visibility in Google’s Local Pack, it might lead to higher web traffic and increased CTR, which would in turn lead to increased sales and leads.

Also, don’t forget that customers are more likely to trust a business that displays the Google Guarantee Badge and have more confidence in dealing with that brand. It’s definitely something that digital marketers should consider for their clients.

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