Top Tips For YouTube SEO From Market Research

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Blog

  1. YouTube SEO Comment count appears to be a very influential ranking factor. We found that a video’s comment count strongly correlates with higher rankings.
  2. Longer videos significantly outperform shorter videos. The average of the first page YouTube video is 14 minutes and 50 seconds.
  3. Videos on Youtube with a runtime of 10 – 15 minutes have the strongest performance.
  4. We discovered that a video’s number of views has a significant correlation with its ranking on YouTube.
  5. The number of shares a video generates is strongly tied to first page YouTube rankings.
  6. The number of subscribers a channel has is moderate odds for getting the video ranked, even if it doesn’t have thousands of subscribers.
  7. YouTube can now understand video content without the help of metadata. YouTube knows your video content, regardless of your video tags.
  8. Keyword rich tags increase search traffic by 60% and subscribers by 22.7%.
  9. Videos with an exact match keyword in their title are slightly more likely to rank better than those without.
  10. Videos on the first page of YouTube searches tend to be HD.
  11. There were zero correlation between keyword-optimized video descriptions and rankings.


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