Recently a good friend, Ty Mangum of Window Expressions reached out with some concerns he had regarding previous search engine optimization he had invested in. The industry is full of people that have followed poor and outdated practices expecting results. Ty had not been given quite as good of service as he had expected but I offered to take a look and see what I could do to help.

Goal: Improve Business Listing & Ranking Problems

The issue at hand was some local optimization with business listings had caused Ty’s business Window Expressions to not rank for some of the most popular and appropriate keywords for his services. Ty’s main focus was to rank for window blinds and window shutters in the southern Utah areas including Cedar City and St. George. After looking into his website and competitors I noticed that Google My Business optimization was not the main issue at hand. I saw that the need for more on-site local optimization was needed in order to make it clear to search bots that he needed to rank for the services the business provided in the local market.

The Local Marketing Metrics I Tracked

After keyword research and competitive analysis I came up with a large list of local keywords that he needed to rank for in the local area. After changes were made the following results were seen.

Window Expressions Local Business Listing Results

St. George Rankings 9/13 9/28  Improvement
Total Keywords You Rank For 166 269 162.05%
Average Rank 16 10 6
Rankings In Top Five 12 38 316.67%
Rankings In Top Ten 31 111 358.06%


Cedar City Rankings 9/13 9/28  Improvement
Total Keywords You Rank For 61 267 437.70%
Average Rank 16 10 6
Rankings In Top Five 0 49 N/A
Rankings In Top Ten 9 129 1433.33%

Local Marketing Tactics Used To Improve Business Listings & Ranking

Once my keywords had been targeted, I took the time to improve on-site optimization for the appropriate keywords in a natural manner. After a few days we noticed great placement in the search results and within about two weeks we saw incredible shifts and many new rankings.

Often times you may have everything lined up with local business listings but not make it clear to search bots what you do. By naturally writing your web content for Google you can make it very clear what services or products you provide. With a little more focus on the on site changes to his website I had him ranking for very competitive keywords in the local markets quickly.

Working with small business is a blast and it is incredible what impacts a few small changes can make to a web sites bottom line in a local market.

Please contact me if you would like to look into the marketing options I can provide to improve your bottom line and bring more people to your website in your market.

Skills Used During The Marketing Refresh Project

Market Data Analysis & Research
Search Engine Optimization
Business Listing Management
Web Development

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